This is Madrid.

What you're seeing right now is random people moving through the city, biking as they live their normal lives.

But please be warned, MAD RIDES was designed to be experienced in larger screens (computer, laptop...) and thus it may not be as delightful and useful in mobile screens. Please consider using a large device to use this exploration tool.

Every track you see is a unique story waiting to be told. Next

We've taken data from BiciMAD –Madrid's public bike system– and analyzed & visualized hundreds of thousands of bike rides that took place in Mar - Apr 2017.

Feel free to explore around using the tools on the right side, but... Next

...we've identified 5 curious type of bikers.

That's: Night Owls, Visitors, Grandparents, Commuters and Hipsters.

Each of them move through the city in their unique way. Use the buttons at the top to learn about each one.

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